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photo: M. Groger

Breeding means to think in generations ,               
               Only then it will become a work of a lifetime.

Full of enthusiasm Peter Gross has been committed to the breeding of Straight Egyptian Arabian horses for 35 years. Many horse friends have visited his stud GUT DIECKHORST in Germany throughout the years and profited from his enormous knowledge about pedigrees.

 With a solid basis of mares from El Zahraa Mohamed Amin started his breeding program in 1994 located at the Alexandria desert road in Cairo.

When Mohamed Amin and Peter Gross met, the idea was born to unite and realize their breeding vision together.

In 2002 Al Amin Stud was established closed to the Cairo airport. It's desert location was transformed into an oasis, one of Egypt´s most impressive and beautiful stud farms, a paradise for a carefully selected herd of Straight Egyptian horses. With his passion for the Arabian horse, Mohamed Amin created a place second to none.

The first results from the combination of the El Zahraa mares and the famous stallion Mahfouz imported from Germany, were very convincing.

In 2006 the herd was increased after the relationship had developed to a deep friendship with the sentiment of a family bond.


photo: D. Gross

Moheba II  and Molesta
(Molesta by Hadban Enzahi - a full sister to Mona III and Madkour I)

Today the origin of most mares at Al Amin Stud is Moheba II, a daughter of the legendary stallion Ghazal (Nazeer x Bukra) and out of Malacha (by El Sareei). Malacha´s dam Moheba I was a daughter of Sid Abouhom out of Halima. Halima is well known as the dam of Ansata Ibn Halima.


photo: N. Sachs

Mahameh (Ibrahim x Mona III)

The partnership is convinced that the four most important families from Egypt are those of Halima, Bukra, Moniet el Nefous and Kamla and they are committed to preserving these four families that now represent the foundation of their breeding program.

photo: N. Sachs

Mahfouz (Madkour I x Mahameh)


In addition the two Nazeer sons Alaa el Din and Kaisoon, both carrying the blood of the mare Kateefa (by Shahloul), were introduced. These stallions proved to consistently pass their desirable light and elegant movements to their offspring.

photo: C. Toischel

Mahadin - Full brother to Mahfouz

The second valuable branch of the Halima family, Malikah, fullsister to Moheba II, is represented by the mares Moheba Merlina and Ma´Alisha, both tracing back in their tail female line to Maymoonah (Hadban Enzahi x Malikah) and in sire line to Shaikh al Jiwan, a son of Ansata Omar Halim who is the full brother of famous Ansata Halim Shah.

photo: C. Toischel

Shaikh Al Jiwan (Ansata Omar Halim x Ansata Wanisa)

The breeding program was completed by the purchase of El Thay Moufid and El Thay Ali Pasha, both bred by El Thayeba. Moufid carries the blood of Malikah in his female line and Ali Pasha goes back to Moheba II through Kamla II.

Both stallions carry the blood of Ansata Halim Shah twice in their pedigree and enrich the program with the blood of Ansata Ibn Halima and Ansata Bint Bukra as well as Ansata Shah Zaman (Morafic x Bint Mabrouka). It is Ansata Shah Zaman with double Sid Abouhom in his pedigree who improves the croups.

The fullsisters Moheba II and Malikah in the female lines doubling the genetic strengths by line breeding with the full brothers Ansata Halim Shah and Ansata Omar Halim has ensured the desired results.

photo: D. Gross

Saemah (Madkour I x El Samraa)

The Saklawi strain, tracing back to Inshass, is represented by the family of Saemah, a daughter of Madkour I out of El Samraa (Kaisoon x Bint Wedad). Madkour I, a son of Hadban Enzahi out of Moheba II, can be found in nearly all pedigrees at Al Amin .

photo: B. Kamppeter

Bint Saemah (Machmut x Saemah)

After 35 years of experience there is always the will to improve. The breeding program of Al Amin Stud is based on the exotic type of the Arabian horse combined with demand to a modern ideal. A breeder’s signature is recognized by the consistent appearance of type, and Al Amin Stud’s principles endeavour to further this important goal.





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